Pre- / Post-Retirement Planning



One of the primary goals when developing an investment plan is to ensure you have the ability to live your golden years on your terms. Whether you are in retirement, feel you are well prepared for retirement, or have yet to begin the savings process, together we will take a holistic view of your retirement picture and create an investment plan tailor-made to your specific needs. Below are some of the tools and methods at our disposal:


  • Utilizing our Envision process to ensure you are on track for retirement

-        Define major life goals

-        Determine ideal and acceptable retirement goals

-        Prioritize your goals

-        Provide a recommended investment strategy

-        Implement the chosen allocation

-        Monitor the progress

-        Provide room for new goals or priorities

  • Select appropriate types of accounts for your retirement funds

-        Roth and Traditional IRA’s

-        Restricted Stock Plans

-        After-tax Savings

-        Stock-options exercise strategies

-        Employee Stock-Purchase Plans

-        Company sponsored retirement plans

  • Strategies for handling employee-sponsored retirement plans

-        IRA rollovers

-        Penalty-free distributions

-        Stock-option and RSU exercise strategies

  • Social Security  - early retirement-late retirement
  • Determine appropriate retirement income and withdrawal rates
  • Retirement Account Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)




  • Wells Fargo Advisors does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors before taking any action that may have tax consequences.
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